`Stage` vs `Environment` naming 🙄

This means that we have separate instances per stage

Comment about the usage of word stage which i have seen used very much:

It should be replaced with environment (env).
The “stage stage” tautology sounds bad, and sometimes using stage is confusing because it does not really explain in which environment something happened.

See the usage:

i rolled out to STAGE stage


i rolled out to STAGE environment

And similar for staging stage, vs staging environment.
it is even more weird sounding if I talk about my local environment (laptop):

i tested on my local stage


i tested on my local env

It also leads to confusion in other cases, like in the gitlab-ci pipeline template:

    STAGE: development

X: What is this variable called STAGE ? The stage should be under a job, not under variables
Y: It tells the job to fetch the artifactory credentials for vault.development.infrastructure
X: So it refers to environment, and not a gitlab pipeline stage.
Y: … Yes