My very own butthurt groupie

For humor, here is my original comment, along with the replies it received:

Hello folks, TheBestPessimist here.

What do you mean “been at it for years”? i barely did this for about 1 month, to get credits, coz I had premium and that would have gone to waste. Get your > shit straight.

I also used a medic ship with full heal + energy regen, just for you dumbasses (please check all those buffs next time).
I only did it on bots. Never on PVP, PVE or Sector Conquest, so it’s not like I actually bothered you with anything. Although, if you fear of losing a game if > 1 player is afk on bots, maybe you should quit playing this game. It might be too difficult for you.

Or are you that butthurt that you didn’t get a :+1: at the end of those games? You should have played better. Only the first position gets a :+1:.

Thanks for being my groupie tho :^) It gives me a tingly feeling that someone out there on the internet thinks about me so often.

It seems the creator of the video has shadow banned my comment. Dick move btw, I do not condone censorship.

I guess even groupies can get butthurt, right?