Gmail redesign 2018

A few days ago (25.04.2018), Google announced that Gmail is redesigned.

Hurray! Hurray!


I guess the “major ultra uber redesign” is cool and looks beautiful, but what about the website functionality? You know the Actual. User. Interaction. with the site?

With this functionality I have a few gripes:

Please note that these remarks are done from a 12 inch windows tablet with limited display size!

  1. Why is there a bar on the right (for tasks, calendar and keep)?

    • Most definitely they could use the space on top of the email (to the left of the settings “cog”) for those 3 icons.
  2. Why in the name of god is there a need for another “tasks” app?

    • There already is Google Keep which is 1000000% better.
    • Plus: the “new” tasks app does not work (read: does not interchange information) with Inbox. (I think you may know Inbox, it’s another service from the same damn company!) WTH Google?
  3. The left side of the screen, where you have your labels and inbox and sent and archive and trash and what not

    • Why isn’t that resizeable?
    • All my labels have very short names therefore that bar just stays there “blank”. (which leads again to less screen estate for reading my mails).
    • Of course I know i can almost completely you can hide it (collapse it in the hamburger menu), but for touch interface that sucks big time: i have to first tap the hamburger menu, (so that i see what folder i want to use) then i have to tap my desired folder. I don’t want to do 2 taps. 1 tap works right now quite well!
  4. The 3 new buttons which appear on each mail in the list (archive, delete, mark as unread) are horrible for a tablet user (either touch or pen), and even for a mouse user on a small screen:

    • I keep pressing them by mistake: when using touch, they don’t even appear, they just “do the action”. WTF usability? :frowning_face:

I’m not even joking now: not even youtube emails can be fully seen on my tablet (@100% zoom – the default): they are actually wider than the space New Gmail gives them. And again: Youtube is a Google product, just like Inbox!

Frankly now, for the “long in the making”, “ultra uber new gmail redesing” im just gonna call that bullshit.
It’s not that redesigned – it looks mostly the same.
And it also doesn’t help “modern users” (yes, i do argue that a windows tablet user can be called like that).

The only things it really has are some new animations and offline possibility.
At least the animations are good looking i suppose…