Firefox is still unpolished and Chrome (Chromium) is better for the normal (and even power) user

Here are some things which don’t work in firefox and bother me. I’m comparing this to the king of browsers, which is as of [the date this post was last edited]: Google Chrome and on Windows.

Firefox Sync is awful.


You: You could press the sync button in firefox to have all the data synced right now.
Me: That is not how good UX works. (see how chrome does it - it just works)


Jesus christ, why would you think that is good UX?

2021-06-04 - Firefox 89: Proton update arrives

More stuff firefox changed for the sake of change (this is the resume for a lot of ranting that i could do):

  • removed view page info from right click menu
  • removed support for compact mode
  • removed icons from menus
  • removed borders from tabs
  • increased padding and whitespace in the UI
  • always show all addons and UIs

Here is how firefox folks receive valid feedback:

I wonder why all the issues here belong to firefox? Known issues · xbrowsersync/app Wiki · GitHub

Things that were fixed as timed passed

Smooth zooming doesn’t exist

So for a laptop with touchscreen, or a precision touchpad, zooming in firefox is awful and jumps from 100% to 300% instantly with just a few millimeters of finger movement.

You: There’s a plugin which adds smooth zooming to firefox.
Me: There’s an 8 year old bug on Firefox bug tracker asking for this.
Me: That plugin is useful, but often breaks sites like youtube from accidental zooms. All in all i would say it’s barely usable.