Asus Rog Flow x16 GV601VI feedback

Feedback for asus

Armoury crate sucks. The UI is confusing. It has many features which are useless.

Aura sync does not work: i created my own lighting, but it is lost when i turn off then back on the laptop. so every time i turn on the laptop, i must manually open armoury crate, then set my custom lighting as it’s not remembered.
This one: Asus Aura Creator - SUPER Slow Rainbow

I hate armoury crate.

Laptop does not sleep correctly. Laptop does not hibernate correctly. Laptop does not wake up from sleep or hibernate correctly.

S0 sleep sucks. When screen turns off, (screen idle timeout 1min), the laptop goes into s0 sleep and my music stops WTF.

All in all I’m very disappointed in the software.

The hardware feels nice. performance is also nice. but there are so many little things which just dont work that it drives me mad.

GitHub - seerge/g-helper: Lightweight Armoury Crate alternative for Asus laptops. Control tool for ROG Zephyrus G14, G15, G16, M16, Flow X13, Flow X16, TUF, Strix, Scar and other models - frankly, just hire this guy and use his app. it is objectively better that whatever crap you have now with armoury crate (I hate it)